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Follow the Virtuo adventure, offer your service

Increase your income with flexible work

Quality assurance

We need our cars to be perfect. Your role will be ensuring our cars are perfect and to make any fixes as required.


You will help convoy vehicles from A to B. This could be for a refuel, changing the vehicle location etc...


Delivery & Collection

Delivery mission - You will need to drive the car from our station to the customer's address and park it as close as possible.

Collection mission - You will just need to collect a car from the customer's address and drive it back to our station.


Offering services to Virtuo is having a lot of benefits!

°Based on a mix of Quality Assurance and Convoy missions which can be reasonably executed over a day.

Flexibility: accept a mission when you want for what you want.

Fast payment: the missions are paid monthly. Earn up to £100/day.°

Autonomy: everything is done through an app. We will provide support if needed!


Being over 23+ years old

Hold a valid driving license for at least 3 years

Have a valid ID in good standing with UK laws


What's next

To collaborate with Virtuo as a partner we you will need to submit a form with your details, pass a multiple choice quiz and come and meet us during one of our roadshows.


The application takes ~10 mins and you can't stop in the middle.

Before you start make sure you navigate through our knowledge base and website (this will help on the quizz!).

Can't start the application now? Enter your email here and we will send you all the info so you can start when you want.


Yes, if you have a UK driving license we will request a DVLA code in order to validate your account.

Will my DVLA be checked?

Your account will be activated after attendance at a roadshow. Only after this you will be able to log in to the VRT Expert app.

I can't connect to the VRT Expert app, why?

No, you are free to do missions whenever you want! There is no minimum or maximum.

Do I need to do a minimum number of missions?

Virtuo Technologies Limited - Collingham House, 6-12 Gladstone Road - SW19 1QT London VAT 291417009 - Company Number 11075250 - Contact: experts-uk@govirtuo.com

*We reserve the right to select the contractors whom will provide a service to us.